Please, PLEASE make a domain for your own email address.

Don’t have a or, have a instead! [Google locks people out of their accounts](, to me loss of my email address would be a total disaster. This is the problem with …

Quick Review - Long Gone Days

Coming from the AMAZING Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality, Long Gone Days is a "2D modern-day military RPG set in our current times, with a focus on language and cultural barriers"'.


Love the art-style of the game.


The score is solid and the in-game sounds are fine …

TIL - AWS Summit - ECR

ECR supports vulnerability scanning of pushed up repo images.

TIL - AWS Summit - Eventbridge

Eventbridge can translate a lot of useful internal Amazon events into a call to say a Lamdba, so you can drive custom behaviour from those events. For example: high vulnerabilities in your pushed ECR image could trigger lambda to fire off an alert(or delete the image).