Shane Dowling : A tip for introducing new habits

After reading up on Pragmatic Thinking and Learning I decided I would implement a habit called Morning Pages. Effectively you commit to writing several pages of writing each and every morning, for me I intended to write a blog post unit each day, and decide which ones were worthy enough of sharing towards the end of the week. I was building up a healthy morning routine and figured one more habit wouldn't be too much to ask of myself.

I failed. Repeatedly. Two months in and I'd managed about five totally random mornings of writing. All of them on weekends. It kept feeling non-essential compared to my other habits and I felt like the pressure of getting to work at a reasonable hour build up as I sat down to try and write. I simply couldn't commit and I couldn't focus on writing. So, in this sorry state I figured out a great way to introduce new habits that actually immediately worked for me. All new habits are done first. Simple as that, whenever you have a routine or when you're about to knuckle down and be productive always start with your newest habit. It's the one you have the most tenuous hold on and should be prioritised accordingly until it can become an establish part of your routine. I've been writing every morning for about a month and a half now and I've only missed one day(due to extreme tiredness). Also because it's the first thing I do when I wake, I've started to incorporate dreams into creative writing, it's been very rewarding actually. I think this habit is here to stay.