Shane Dowling : Overlanding

So, for the last 6 weeks I've been over-landing from Cape Town to Nairobi. I decided to ditch almost all of my tech for the trip. My Samsung Galaxy S3 and my Thinkpad were replaced with an old school phone and a notepad. I also picked up a tiny little Sandisk Sansa Clip MP3 player for the trip. For reading I had my Kindle and a few USB keys for storing files and for Portableapps(which was a disaster I'll write about another time). The decision for ditching was simply a need to be away from the tech and connectedness. I'm in Africa for a reason, and I simply didn't want the constant distractions a phone brings me. I couldn't help but notice on the way others were clamouring for internet when they thought it was an option. I appreciated having that option. Anyway, as a result I have a lot of time to write with the long journeys during the day and frankly I wish I had more information on the trip to see where the land lies before starting, so I figured I write this blog to give others a heads up and I've split things up into each destination. Here's the skinny on countries I hit

I'll fill these in as links when the posts are written.