Engineers Log

Four years ago(to the day) I wrote a post on why I was Giving up on wikis and I have to admit, four years later my opinions on the topic really haven't changed.

It's been 4 years, 700 questions(with 800 answers) and several server moves later and by and large the process hasn't changed all that much, everything is just little more streamlined.


When I started I simply used tagging to reflect the technology the


Originally I stored my scripts with some comments in a standard ~/scripts folder and grep when I needed functionality. This solution always ended up getting messy to me so I moved them to my OSQA install. They're much tidier up there personally, I drill-down into the scripts tag then filter with what I need. Plus OSQA stores every revision of a question/answer so I can easily peruse old variants. I'm aware git would solve such a problem, but being able to jump onto a random machine and grab all my scripts via the web in a standardised way is pretty nice too.

Quicker Searching:

A simple fix, essentially I added my OSQA search as a keyword search on my browser so I can quick search by keyword followed by my search term.

Future Improvements:

That's about it really, to be honest the lesson here really is that flexible solutions last.