Kindle Scribe to Mastodon

Posted on Mon 01 January 2024 in Digital Minimalism

Kindle Scribe to Mastodon

Over the holidays, I put together a fun little project to put out status updates on Mastodon. Of course, I used some spare time to make this as overly-engineered as possible.

Stringing It All Together

I wanted this to be event-driven and serverless and to give …

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Make your smartphone a little dumber

Posted on Fri 01 September 2023 in Digital Minimalism

Photo by Thanos Pal on Unsplash

For many, MANY years, I've been an advocate for the simplicity of dumbphones. My go-to? The LightPhone 2. However, modern life sometimes demands the functionalities of a smartphone, such as banking or GPS navigation. Every once in a while, I wish my smartphone would be just a touch simpler, but …

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How to manage Podcasts on an iPod Classic on Linux

Posted on Sat 26 February 2022 in Digital Minimalism

After my last post generated some interesting discussion on Hacker News, I figured it was worth a little guide on how I manage my iPod Classic on a Linux machine. Thankfully some very clever people put together the drivers and software to make this a breeze, but there's a few …

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Consuming Content Like it's the 90s

Posted on Sun 06 February 2022 in Digital Minimalism

It’s the 2020s, we continue to become more connected that we’ve ever been, and I hate it! I don’t have the self-control needed to handle these always-on devices. It’s awful. They’re all so incredibly powerful and give so much in terms of information. I, however …

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