Perfomance Enhancing Breakfast

As Lance Armstrong has shown the world, putting the right thing into your body can greatly improve performance, I myself have been looking into more maintainable alternative. More and more I'm experimenting with diet as a means to improve my mental performance as well as my running ability week on week. Specifically ways of optimising the meals I'm taking in and turning them into more efficient forms of food consumption. Looking into my diet was partially kicked off by my recent foray into fasting and also looking at the spectacular popularity of the soylent project.

Where I was

With this in mind I did a little research into how I could turn breakfast into a more efficient starter meal for the day. Generally I never eat breakfast, so this seemed like a good place to experiment. The only breakfast I ever tended to eat was oats, which generally caused me to feel incredibly hungry long before lunch time, presumably as my stomach had woken up. I needed a breakfast that was going to solve a few problems.

The checklist

After doing some rudimentary research it because pretty obvious that I would need something smoothie-based to tackle all the requirements of the checklist.


Generally all of these ingredients are also low in fat.


I've found that there is a significant difference between days when I have the smoothie and days when I don't. It's not the same as say drinking a coffee, presumably as the effects are more slow burning but my cognitive ability is definitely higher. As I'm coding each morning I can generally work out when my brain is hitting limits holding abstract entities in my head or when I'm in a flow of productivity or not and I was doing a rough rating each day and put simply, that rating has only improved. So for me that's my measure of cognitive ability, it may be different for you.

What I've learned overall is that food is pretty cool and looking into the specific benefits of the food I'm eating is unsurprisingly interesting. For me though, the simple fact that changing my diet from nothing(or maybe a coffee and occasional croissant) to an uber healthy food source makes my brain work better is pretty incredible. You see the benefits on paper but until you give it a measurable test you can't really appreciate it. Give it(or your own version) a go, let me know how you find it!