Verify you're hidden with conky

Sun 26 July 2015


I run a few scripts to ensure my identity stays hidden day to day on my laptop. Here's a few conky scripts to verify things are as they should be.


Because I don't always know my ip or what my VPN's ip is, I wanted conky to display the …

Category: Security


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SugarCRM - Prevent currencies getting overridden

Thu 16 April 2015


SugarCRM has some neat features involving currency rates, but one of the more annoying ones is that Sugar will automatically update the base rate every time you save a record with a currency field attached. This can be fairly annoying default behaviour if you wish to maintain the correct record …

Category: SugarCRM


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Solving boot2docker's fail to start error

Sat 07 February 2015


I'm putting this obvious solution up as I couldn't see it anywhere online.

If you try to start up boot2docker with boot2docker start and it returns.

error in run: Failed to start machine "boot2docker-vm": exit status 1

Before destroying everything and wiping your ~/Virtualbox VMs folder, try starting up Virtualbox …

Category: Devops Tagged: docker virtualbox


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R - Cleaning/Merging Excel files

Thu 05 February 2015

This is just a useful snippet of code I've been using a lot to tidy up messy exports I've been getting lately.

Takes in a bunch of excel files, rewrites some variable column names in column 3 then outputs them as a list of dataframes. These then get merged into …

Category: R Tagged: data snippets


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