Shane Dowling : Legitimate ways to support good movies

Recently I watched Akira Kurosawa's Ikiru, after reading through some of the Criterion info on Kurosawa I realised I'd watched a bunch of his movies, I'm a huge fan of Seven Samurai.

The Criterion Collection is a wonderful distribution company and I'm a huge fan of a number of their filmmakers, so much so that I wanted to try and support the service more. Since I live fairly lightly in terms of possessions I can't really justify $40 on a DVD or Blu-Ray. Especially since I'll probably have moved elsewhere and be forced to ditch the media before I can watch it a second time. It's a shame when distribution companies haven't really adopted digital distribution. I am aware that Criterion is on Hulu(now something else), but unfortunately as I'm not a US resident I can't access/support it. If you are and can access it, I highly recommend checking out some of their movies.

Luckily I found a more old-school method to (in some small way) support Criterion movies. Near to where I work is a wonderful film-center called Close-Up that has a huge collection of both DVDs and books to rent. I'll definitely be making use of it for the time being. If you know of another way I can access the Criterion movies in the EU(or just without a US credit-card), I'd love to know.