Shane Dowling : Owning Your Data

Governments are collecting data on you, that's a fairly accepted fact at this stage. Whether you're being "social", reading email, playing video games or even when you're writing a book on the NSA. If you want more details The Guardian has a great explanation as to what Snowden's files mean here.

There's one critical flaw to the NSA's methods. Most of how the NSA collects data on you(via prism anyway) is through Google, Yahoo, Gmail, Facebook and Microsoft. These technologies are all just choices you've made. Thankfully, choices you can undo.

I'm going to put up a running list of technologies I've used/still use and how I've moved across from services that were out of my control onto ones that I can manage and run myself. Other sites have done something similar(links at the bottom), but I'm hoping to write or add in comprehensive tutorials explaining how to set these things up in an understandable way. I leveraging a tool called saltstack to share reusable configurations, so you can easily run a server then clone a lot of what I'm doing to circumvent surveillance.

A lot of my tech involves using owncloud, it has a lot of addons and features that I've grown to rely on over the years. If you're not too technical and want to get up and running with owncloud, checkout Bitnami's owncloud stack, with a one-click installer, though I'd try avoid those hosting platforms and go for something based in Europe. I use ovh. I'll post up links each week on a new service or product that I've swapped across.

Here's what I'm currently using in terms of functional products.

Some good external links: