Shane Dowling : Just Keep Going

Productivity has never been my strong point. I'm the ultimate procrastinator. I will literally do anything other than the task at hand. In fact this post is likely being written purely as I don't want to study. But, the post itself is useful in it's function to push me forward.

I've gotten attracted to a very simple idea of "Just keep going". In my head I imagine the Terminator, after being blown to bits, still getting up. I suffer from "Goldilocks procrastination", essentially everything needs to be just right before anything can happen. On top of that everything needs to remain perfect for me to maintain it. On paper it's insanely obvious that this will fail, but a lesson that's taken me a while to learn. If I don't have all the study materials or if I miss a run during the week and boom, never again. What's the point?

So after a huge number of failures I'm moving onto my very light, very simple "just keep going". No fancy todo list software, no complicated GTD systems, no goal tracking software. Literally none of them have worked for me, purely as I can't forgive myself for the small failures. I want to wake up in the morning, pull out a notepad, write whatever inspires me that day and do it. If I miss a run or am missing something that's barely preventing me from doing my task, it's irrelevant. It's the next opportunity that's important.

Although a few months in these are my overall goals for 2011

I'll expand on each of these as the weeks go on. I don't doubt that this will be difficult, right now I hold down two jobs which sucks up a huge amount of time, but by documenting how I'm progressing and the techniques I use to maintain motivation and find time I hope it'll help me and others.