Shane Dowling : GSD 1 — Reducing Distractions

Most of my distractions currently come from within. I hit up social media or news sites. Also my email is a big time waster. I needed a way to remain connected but while preventing regular access. Here's what helped.

Get Shit Done-A cross platform OS level site blocker. Simply install the script, add your distracting sites and run 'get-shit-done work' in a terminal. You only notice sheer number of times you find yourself flicking to those distracting sites when a big error is thrown that the site is unavailable. It's a learning experience. Your browser however, may cache URL lookups and you may still access distracting sites when I shouldn't and visa-versa. On Firefox there is an extension called DNS Cache. It allows you to prevent Firefox caching DNS entries, I presume this slows down URL requests but I barely noticed a difference and GSD now works as it should.

Nutshellmail— Sends an email as often as you'd like with all your Facebook/Twitter updates. You know you'll get an social media update at some point so why bother flicking over to Facebook now?