Shane Dowling : Fasting

So I've been looking into intermittent fasting lately for several reasons. Firstly, as a means to get a leaner physique, but also as I'm looking to do more research into leaner more efficient eating as it is. I'm also hoping a side effect of it will promote generally more mindful eating habits. I came across quite a useful resource in They provide a trail fast plan, which I'm going to attempt once a week for the next few weeks to see how I react to fasting in general. During this time I'll also do further research into fasting and hopefully work out a strategy that can work.

If you're interested in the topic itself, I'd start with Experiments with Intermittent Fasting and It seems the whole topic lacks any hard and fast rules. From my reading the only approach you can take is just try it, log the net effects and make alterations as you see fit.

I'll log how things progress up here.