How to manage Podcasts on an iPod Classic on Linux

After my last post generated some interesting discussion on Hacker News, I figured it was worth a little guide on how I manage my iPod Classic on a Linux machine. Thankfully some very clever people put together the drivers and software to make this a breeze, but there's a few …

Consuming Content Like it's the 90s

It’s the 2020s, we continue to become more connected that we’ve ever been, and I hate it! I don’t have the self-control needed to handle these always-on devices. It’s awful. They’re all so incredibly powerful and give so much in terms of information. I, however …

TIL Updating ZSH

To update Oh-My-ZSH, all I need to run is `omz update`. Didn't even realise there was an omz command!

Activity Nag

Digital Minimalism

Digital Minimalism

I'm trying out a month of Digital Minimalism and I wanted some… encouragement to ensure I stick to my rules. One of which is to use my laptop only for specific tasks I know ahead of time, for an hour a day only. I currently already use Activitywatch …