Shane Dowling : Keep up to date

I love keeping up to date with all the latest tech news, but I find that when I follow numerous blogs there's a heavy noise to signal ratio and eventually I get bogged down with all the blog posts coming at me. On top of that I don't particularly like reading from a screen when I can avoid it, I spend so many hours a day reading/writing to computer screens, I always like to take a welcome break. As a result of these two needs I came up with a neat solution that allows me to retrieve all relevant tech news each day, that I can read offline whenever I want. It requires:

  1. A Kindle
  2. A Kindle4RSS Account
  3. Full-Text RSS (I use the self-hosted service).

Kindle4RSS is a terrific service that allows you to deliver RSS feeds to your kindle on a scheduled basis. The one downside is that a number of RSS feeds only supply a stub of their content and this isn't very useful if you wish to read articles on your kindle. This is where full-text RSS comes in. Simply plug the RSS feed you want into full-text RSS and it will generate a new link that should supply a full-text alternative to your RSS feed. In general this is a great compliment to kindlefeeder, you can now read any of your favourite blogs that happen to supply a teaser only in their RSS feed. So now, how do we supply our kindle with only relevant technical news?

Thankfully here__ is a service that supplies an RSS feed of hacker news articles with a score threshold. Meaning, depending on how many(or few) articles you want to read you choose the minimum score threshold. Thereby holding off the onslaught of low scoring articles. Plug that RSS feed into full-text RSS, then plug that URL into kindlefeeder and you can read all the relevant tech each day wherever and whenever you like.