Quick Review - Long Gone Days

Posted on Mon 28 September 2020 in Random

Coming from the AMAZING Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality, Long Gone Days is a "2D modern-day military RPG set in our current times, with a focus on language and cultural barriers"'.


Love the art-style of the game.


The score is solid and the in-game sounds are fine but unspectacular.


No spoilers here. The story isn't bad, but it definitely has higher ideas than it's able to pull off. It also doesn't really capture the language and cultural barriers effectively in it's dialogue or plot.


Walking around the pretty world is nice enough, but the motion feels a bit clunky. The RPG elements are extremely shallow, and the battle screen is unimpressive. There are sniper sections also which are also fairly weak. All in all, it's not strong gameplay wise.

The idea of language and cultural barriers ties into the gameplay too. You enter new areas without the ability to communicate with NPCs, that could really have driven home the message about language barriers but in reality you pretty quickly find a translator and that's that. It could have been interwoven into the gameplay further, for example mis-understanding language could lead to some character mistakes plot-wise, or it could have been woven more effectively in the gameplay. Again, it's just a bit shallow.

Did I finish it?

The true estimation of if a game is decent in this bundle. So for me, no, after playing for a few hours, upon returning it felt too slow paced and clunky to want to continue. Perhaps the shallowness gameplay wise is forgivable, I'd say give it 30 minutes, if you're not sold on wanting to progress the story the gameplay may not keep you around.