Precision Nutrition Trail Fast

Posted on Thu 06 February 2014 in Random

I went through the precision nutrition trial fast last Sunday, here's a low-down on how things went through each of the steps. I had trialled this while out and about in central London, but failed at around 5pm, I was disorganised and feeling incredibly dizzy from the crowds and noise, so this time I planned ahead and did this from home.

10 PM Saturday

Had a late dinner at the wonderful Chaat on RedChurch Street in Shoreditch. May as well have an epic last meal, right? The advantage of the late final meal was that I actually managed to ramble in from the street and only waited a minute for a table. I didn't over-do it in terms of food. I often get hungrier the next morning if I eat a huge meal the night before.

9 AM Saturday

  • Ran a 10k. This is the part I'm a little apprehensive about. I'm doing a training program to build up to my next half marathon, which includes 10k-15k runs on Sundays. I'm always starving after a run(naturally), so I'm curious to know how my body will tackle this. I also figure if this is a trial fast I should trial it during real life conditions, which would regularly include running.

10 AM

  • The post-run hunger has come over me, but the "breakfast" while not the most satisfying I've ever has taken the edge off. mL (1 cup) of green tea and 5 grams BCAA (branched chain amino acids) powder (or take 5 capsules).


  • Hunger cravings are on the up causing me to feel a little tender, but short breathing exercise and keeping busy seem to help.


  • I've been a vegetarian for over three years, why do I still imagine greasy burgers when I get hunger pains?
  • Had a cigar to help things along. Is that cheating?


Beginning to get dizzy/spacy, the cigar may be the source. I've been using my standing desk and been walking constantly since the morning but now I seem to want prolonged sitting.


I guess you'd call this lunchtime, same intake as breakfast. It takes the edge off a little. Can't really sit still anymore, I'm just pacing around but feeling light-headed at the same time.


Watching movies at the moment which seems to keep the hunger at bay. It's very much hitting a wall then finding energy from somewhere.


Bailing an hour early and having a small cup of soup. Put frankly, I felt like I've had a temperature for the last few hours and all my body wanted was something wholesome in it, my resistance has totally fallen apart. I felt like I was coming down with an illness and I was worried the lack of food may have brought down my immune system.


The illness effect was probably entirely psychosomatic, but I did feel terrible the last few hours, the light spacious feeling I had earlier in the day turned pretty horrible. I'd like to repeat this experiment without the 10km run beforehand and see how it goes. One thing is for sure, I have a completely new respect for anyone who can regularly fast. The ways in which this hit my willpower were completely surprising.