Promoting mindfulness through the day

Posted on Thu 16 January 2014 in Mindfulness

Over the last year I've been cultivating a mindfulness habit. Overall, it has delivered great results. One of the aspects I've been less than happy with however, is my ability to carry that mindful state with me throughout the day. I'm unsure if it's because I'm a programmer and my mind has to be so wrapped up in what I'm doing that mindfulness will inevitably get pushed out or if it's simply that full-day mindfulness isn't possible for me.

Lately I've been also trying to drink more water, so I figured I would attempt to combine both and see if there could be any benefits to. I do have to admit, the last few weeks that drinking water had led to more mindful triggers throughout the day. Having my own water bottle, drinking from it, re-filling it has led to me being more present at least during certain moments of the day. It's been quite pleasing and am hoping to maintain this habit.