Shane Dowling : Writing Less

"I didn't have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead." — Mark Twain

Lately I've been struggling with consistently writing. I find it difficult to sit down in the morning and begin to write. Usually ideas fall out of my head and I get into a flow quite quickly but recently, without a clear idea sitting in my head for a period of time I simply can't put pen to paper.

I also just finished reading Charlie Brooker's article on "`Reducing my word emissions" and I must admit some of his points are pretty convincing. There is a lot of noise on the internet and I suspect a lot of my unwillingness to return to writing is due to this. I'm also working on a project similar to stackoverflow and I'm truly beginning to appreciate the format of the site. The internet simply has too much noise to signal.

I'm going to try keep a hard limit on my posts of 200 words and see if the limit can't help the writers block.