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Digital Minimalism

Digital Minimalism

I'm trying out a month of Digital Minimalism and I wanted some… encouragement to ensure I stick to my rules. One of which is to use my laptop only for specific tasks I know ahead of time, for an hour a day only. I currently already use Activitywatch …

The vagueness of Secular Buddhism

I’m looking for a path to atheist spirituality, and I’ve looking more into Secular Buddhism. I have to admit, the results aren’t so promising, many are so vague as to be almost completely useless.

I’m looking for Buddhism minus beliefs, what I keep seeing is much …

Make the smartphone dumb again

I have terrible, terrible impulse control. I cannot stop using my phone as a distraction tool. I simply cannot. We can discuss willpower, or being a better person, but they don’t work. I have no willpower and remain a terrible person despite how hard I try. If my phone …

TIL - AWS Lambda Environment Vars

In AWS Lambda, if you use ENVIRONMENT VARS they are tied to the lambda version, so a new deploy is required to update that config change.