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TIL Updating ZSH

To update Oh-My-ZSH, all I need to run is `omz update`. Didn't even realise there was an omz command!

Activity Nag

Digital Minimalism

Digital Minimalism

I'm trying out a month of Digital Minimalism and I wanted some… encouragement to ensure I stick to my rules. One of which is to use my laptop only for specific tasks I know ahead of time, for an hour a day only. I currently already use Activitywatch …

Nonviolent Communication

What is Nonviolent Communication?

Nonviolent Communication(NVC) helps us communicate clearly by breaking down and identifying our needs and communicating them compassionately.


NVC can help reduce conflict towards others and ourselves. It can also help us to hear others out and recognise each other's needs and support acting more …

5 Steps to a better Personal Development Plan(PDP)

Reviewing your PDP can be a somewhat overwhelming process. So many areas of improvement can be highlighted, it can be a real challenge to discover what to focus on. Not only that but you also want to make sure your areas of focus have high impact benefits to the squad …