The Museum-going Cannibal

Sat 11 September 2010

From the lastest issue of philosophy now. I find it's on the right side of harsh.

The Museum-going Cannibal

by **Yahia Lababidi**** **

Upright specimen, looking to be fine-tuned on weekends by the civilizing influence of beauty, standing still and reflecting in the refracted light of another’s encounter with the sublime.

All polite smiles and hushed appreciation, sliding up to some mounted painting and tilting its head to sip and drink in the brushstrokes, yet downright vicious throughout the week.

Hankering after a bit of meat and blood in the shape of a live woman or a dead man. Never mind that they know them or not, at times, any old body warm or cold will do.

What a mixed bag of bones: when not frenzied and teetering at the abyss of some bestial appetite, turning around and donating blood to unknowns: as charitable and vulnerable as a winged thing.

© Yahia Lababidi 2010


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