Bioinformatics/Rosalind - Skeleton Generator

Posted on Sun 27 September 2015 in Projects • Tagged with python, bioinformatics, testing, coursera

rosalind Working through part 4 of my Cousera Bioinformatics specialisation, I decided to write a generator that creates a standardised approach to structure, write and test your algorithmic code. It also works for Rosalind problems.

Explanations are in the README. If you have any issues or are confused by anything, feel …

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Simple API Mocking with Guzzle and Charles

Posted on Thu 26 June 2014 in PHP • Tagged with guzzle, http, testing

If you've ever had to try unit test code that's dependent on external services, you'll know the pain of trying to mock-up fake API requests by hand. It's painful to setup and painful to maintain, this little tutorial attempts to make the whole process as easy as possible.

Step 1 …

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