Friday Fun - Offline 8tracks playlists using Grooveshark

Fri 25 July 2014


A lot of people have been asking about how they might offline their favourite 8track tracks and I've come up with a rudimentary solution while I was doing some offline coding. On 8tracks I've found a great playlist series called Cold Machines created by user sowat on 8tracks and I wanted to offline my favourited tracks from these playlists as they're great for coding to.

As there's no direct way to do this it's a several step process, but an pretty easy one at that.

  1. Use 8trackshelper to generate a plain-text copy of your favourite tracks, simply paste in your username.
  2. Then paste the plaintext list into groovylist's plaintext importer.
  3. This will create a temporary playlist which you can add to an existing playlist or create a new one.
  4. Finally, download groovesquid and have it offline your newly created playlist.(Note: I could not get the Mac variant to run as it was damaged, I simply downloaded the jar file and ran 'java -jar Groovesquid.jar' via the command line to get it up and running)


The only minor complexity might be if you have more than 200 songs, you'll need to split it up when pasting into groovylist but that's pretty easy to do.

And that's it.

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