Simple Python Text-Entry

Posted on Sun 04 October 2015 in Projects • Tagged with python, gtk


Recently for my biogen project I needed a way to create pop-up text entries for users using virtualenv. Sadly, neither wxPython nor TkInter would work easily without ugly hacks involving symlinking to system directories. Eventually I worked out that Gtk would work via pip. However, I couldn't find sample code …

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Bioinformatics/Rosalind - Skeleton Generator

Posted on Sun 27 September 2015 in Projects • Tagged with python, bioinformatics, testing, coursera

rosalind Working through part 4 of my Cousera Bioinformatics specialisation, I decided to write a generator that creates a standardised approach to structure, write and test your algorithmic code. It also works for Rosalind problems.

Explanations are in the README. If you have any issues or are confused by anything, feel …

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Tiddlywiki to Org-Mode

Posted on Mon 31 August 2015 in Projects • Tagged with projects, python, emacs


Okay, I swear this is the last document conversion script I’m writing this year. I’ve been on a bit of a rampage to move all of my life in Emacs Org-Mode and converting all of my Tiddlywiki notes into Org mode has been on my list for a …

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OSQA to Tiddlywiki

Posted on Mon 27 July 2015 in Projects • Tagged with projects, python


Recently I've been trying out Tiddlywiki as an alternative to Evernote. I decided to try convert my existing OSQA install to Tiddlywiki as I'm travelling a lot and don't always have access to my servers via the internet. Here's a python script I wrote that might help anyones trying to …

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Find My Run - My first iPhone app

Posted on Sat 17 May 2014 in Projects • Tagged with alloy, flask, heroku, iphone, mongodb, python


It's a pretty basic app that lists the ten nearest running events in your area. There was a few new pieces of tech(for me) involved. The app was built with Appcelerator's Alloy framework, which I must admit I quite like for rapid development of cross platform mobile apps(hopefully …

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OfflineImap to Thunderbird

Posted on Sat 08 February 2014 in Projects • Tagged with mail, migration, thunderbird, python

Last week I moved from Debian to Linux Mint and setup Thunderbird as my new mail client(replacing mutt). Sadly for some reason Thunderbird started tanking and wiped all the mails from my mailserver without actually downloading anything.

I could've restored the mails from a backup but instead I figured …

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Unit-testing unmanaged Django models

Posted on Sat 31 August 2013 in Django • Tagged with models, unit-testing, python, django

Say you have an app with a set of models that aren't being managed by Django, you're going to run into trouble when it comes time to run unit-tests against these. What I mean is if in the model meta you have something like this

class MyClass:
class Meta:
app_label …

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Suppling test data to django-cities

Posted on Thu 29 August 2013 in Django • Tagged with unit-testing, django, python


Django-Cities, is an awesome project that supplies easy to import worldwide location data and a set of very neat location models that you should really be using for any django project needing location information. I've been using it lately but ran into problems when I tried to run unit tests …

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Writing Django tests for PostGis

Posted on Sat 24 August 2013 in Django • Tagged with fixtures, unit-testing, postgres, python


PostGis is awesome, I think I already established this in this post. However when you start writing django tests you might start getting errors complaining that certain postgres libs cannot be found. This is because you've failed to create a proper postgres_template database for your test database to work with …

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Octopress back to Wordpress

Posted on Thu 22 August 2013 in Projects • Tagged with blogging, octopress, wordpress, python

I've been using Octopress for the last while and it felt good having a nice fast static blog as opposed to heavy-old Wordpress. After time passed however, I noticed I wrote less. Having to grab my laptop and pull up vim to write something, then play around with git or …

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