Pomot - command line pomotodo client

Posted on Thu 20 April 2017 in Projects • Tagged with php, projects, productivity


For anyone interested, I've created a simple pomotodo client for interacting with pomotodo.com easily.

You can find it here, feel free to use github issues for any issues or feature requests you can think of.

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Tiddlywiki to Org-Mode

Posted on Mon 31 August 2015 in Projects • Tagged with projects, python, emacs


Okay, I swear this is the last document conversion script I’m writing this year. I’ve been on a bit of a rampage to move all of my life in Emacs Org-Mode and converting all of my Tiddlywiki notes into Org mode has been on my list for a …

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OSQA to Tiddlywiki

Posted on Mon 27 July 2015 in Projects • Tagged with projects, python


Recently I've been trying out Tiddlywiki as an alternative to Evernote. I decided to try convert my existing OSQA install to Tiddlywiki as I'm travelling a lot and don't always have access to my servers via the internet. Here's a python script I wrote that might help anyones trying to …

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Rolling your own mail server with Salt

Posted on Sun 16 February 2014 in SaltStack • Tagged with mail, own-your-data, devops, linux, projects, saltstack

Email, it's the future!

Recently I decided to migrate my mail server and I took this as an opportunity to better get my head around setting the whole thing up. I've used iRedmail in the past but the whole process seemed a little like magic so I took a scouring around the internets for …

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Simple ubuntu backup to S3

Posted on Sat 14 January 2012 in Projects • Tagged with s3, ubuntu, devops, projects

After browsing the web for ages to find a decent solution to backup my server to amazon s3 I finally came across one and I'm just throwing it up here.


So basically all I need it to do was backup my sites(filesystem and mysql databases) and some config …

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