Setting up git with Rescuetime highlights

Posted on Sun 15 February 2015 in Productivity • Tagged with git, Productivity


Recently I've written on another site how I use Rescuetime to provide metrics on my overall productivity that I can review each week. One useful feature I noticed was Rescuetime highlights, which gives you a good overview of your accompishments throughout the day. The first thing I wanted to ...

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Top 10 webapps for programmers

Posted on Tue 16 February 2010 in Productivity • Tagged with evernote, webapps, apps, productivity, random

1 ) Evernote

Although I use evernote as my brain online for everthing, it is incredibly useful for programmers too. Where I work things like requirements can be captured on almost anything, so snapping photos of whiteboards/notepads/beer mats that become OCR searchable is very handy. On top of that ...

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