SugarCRM 7 - Making Ajax Requests

Posted on Sat 09 August 2014 in SugarCRM • Tagged with javascript, jquery, sugarcrm


SugarCRM has a pretty great API if you know how to poll it. Today I'm sharing two examples of where I've needed to poll SugarCRM's API with some sample jQuery code.

A jQuery autocompleter

If you're declaring an input box and wish to autocomplete it's results based on the results …

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SugarCRM 7 - Add a new action to a record

Posted on Thu 07 August 2014 in SugarCRM • Tagged with backbone, javascript, php


Odds are if you're customising SugarCRM, you will at some point need to add functionality to the records page. This article shows you a framework for creating actions on the UI, the API entrypoints to run your code and how to link it all together using SugarCRM's sidecar functionality.

1 …

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SugarCRM 7 - Set recordlist row colours based on row data

Posted on Sat 12 July 2014 in SugarCRM • Tagged with backbone, javascript, sidecar


The tutorial shows you how to do two useful things in SugarCRM 7. Firstly, how to call actions when rows get updated in SugarCRM's recordlist and secondly, how to set information based on row data. The example I have here will essentially update the table colours based on a specific …

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SugarCRM 7 - Hiding subpanels based on specific criteria

Posted on Thu 12 June 2014 in SugarCRM • Tagged with javascript, sugarcrm

The new Sugar subpanels look great but they do take up quite a lot space, without any ability to remove Subpanels via studio I've had to come up with a few ways to hide them.

Note: Original Props go to Robin Larsson who wrote the `original < …

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SugarCRM 7 - Adding a custom column to a list

Posted on Thu 22 May 2014 in SugarCRM • Tagged with javascript, migration, php, rest, sugarcrm

This is the SugarCRM 7 equivalent to this post here, because Sugar has dropped the process record logic hook, we need to come up with a new solution.

Here's how you can add a new column to a list view, I have to admit this is one of the really …

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SugarCRM 7 - Adding an action to the listview

Posted on Sun 18 May 2014 in SugarCRM • Tagged with backbone, javascript, php, sugarcrm


There doesn't appear to be a documented way to do this but in SugarCRM 7 this is how I've added actions to the listview. For this example it's showing how to add a button to an animal module, which adds the animal to a related circus event.

1. Adding the …

Continue reading - Find workspaces in the UK

Posted on Wed 22 May 2013 in Projects • Tagged with bottle, javascript, phantomjs, python

It's online here. Hopefully people find it useful, it's got data from Foursquare, Yelp and a few other sources.

The site itself is built in Python, Bottle, Bootstrap and MySQL, though I hope to upgrade to Postgres with PostGIS when I get the time. I also want to make it …

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Disable jQuery autocompleter cache

Posted on Fri 12 February 2010 in Javascript • Tagged with javascript, coding, jquery

For anyone wondering how to disable the autocompleter cache in jQuery(meaning you always poll the server each time a letter is entered).

Simply set cacheLength: 0, in the autocompleter's settings. Seems obvious but my googling told me never set this value below 1 or the whole thing would explode …

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