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Sat 31 December 2011

Due to being flu-ridden for the entire holiday period, I decided to write up a quick tool I've been wanting to write for ages. It's written in Python, so go easy, I'm no Python expert and I'm sick.

The tool is essentially a wee-little dashboard for your linux server.

It only supports a few system details at present(essentially handy little things python does) but I'll add more as I get the time, if you've any suggestions let me know.

Heres what it will check.

  • If a process you're interested in is running. I use this for lighttpd and mysql.
  • CPU Use
  • Memory Use
  • Internal IP
  • External IP
  • Free/Total Disk Space

**Installation: **

Basically alter the sample config file, put it somewhere then point to the config file from the main code. I actually execute it from my bashrc file, reason being is that typically when I need to ssh into my server it's to pull up one of the details this tool presents.

Anyhoo the git repo is here.

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