SugarCRM - Sugar powered by Salt!

Posted on Sat 02 August 2014 in SaltStack • Tagged with saltstack, sugarcrm

Even the logos are creepily similar.

SugarCRM can be a pain to setup, especially if you are managing many installs on different servers/environments. I'm a big fan of using salt to configure my servers. I rarely manage any servers directly anymore and generally run things through my salt master. This guide should hopefully get you …

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Quick Salt Minion Setup

Posted on Thu 12 June 2014 in SaltStack • Tagged with saltstack, devops

I find myself setting up salt minions a LOT. So I figured I'd write down the steps in this concise format.

On the minion

  1. sudo add-apt-repository ppa:saltstack/salt
  2. sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install salt-minion
  3. sudo echo '<salt-master-ip> salt' >> /etc/hosts //Or whatever the salt master is
  4. sudo salt-call …

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Rolling your own mail server with Salt

Posted on Sun 16 February 2014 in SaltStack • Tagged with mail, own-your-data, devops, linux, projects, saltstack

Email, it's the future!

Recently I decided to migrate my mail server and I took this as an opportunity to better get my head around setting the whole thing up. I've used iRedmail in the past but the whole process seemed a little like magic so I took a scouring around the internets for …

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Using PPAs with Salt-States

Posted on Thu 10 October 2013 in SaltStack • Tagged with saltstack, devops, linux

I couldn't seem to find a decent tutorial on using PPA's to manage repos with salt states so I'm documenting it here.

Say you want to install golang using these steps on ubuntu:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:duh/golang
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install golang

Well, to replicate this into …

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