Diary.py future proof memories.

Thu 08 March 2012

I've created a little command line diary script for anyone whose interested. It stores your diaries in separate txt files so you know all of your memories will always be accessible to you in a format you'll always be able to read. It's super quick and easy to use. It's …

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Quick vhost script

Thu 01 March 2012

Quick script to setup a new virtualhost entry for apache. Works for me on archlinux.

import sys, os, subprocess

vhosts_file = "/etc/httpd/conf/extra/httpd-vhosts.conf"
hosts_file = "/etc/hosts"


def usage():
print("Usage: add_vhost url_to_add /folder/to/point/to …

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CLI Dash

Sat 31 December 2011

Due to being flu-ridden for the entire holiday period, I decided to write up a quick tool I've been wanting to write for ages. It's written in Python, so go easy, I'm no Python expert and I'm sick.

The tool is essentially a wee-little dashboard for your linux server.

It …

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Good Coding Practice Snippets

Sat 24 December 2011

After reading through Code Complete I decided to make up mind-maps on each topic in the hope that I would peruse them every so often to brush up on my programming best practice. Recently I decided take a look over them and was dismayed at the amount of knowledge from …

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