Tiddlywiki to Org-Mode

Mon 31 August 2015


Okay, I swear this is the last document conversion script I’m writing this year. I’ve been on a bit of a rampage to move all of my life in Emacs Org-Mode and converting all of my Tiddlywiki notes into Org mode has been on my list for a …

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OfflineImap to Thunderbird

Sat 08 February 2014

Last week I moved from Debian to Linux Mint and setup Thunderbird as my new mail client(replacing mutt). Sadly for some reason Thunderbird started tanking and wiped all the mails from my mailserver without actually downloading anything.

I could've restored the mails from a backup but instead I figured …

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Salt Miner

Sat 07 September 2013

I've just created a salt state that allows you to install a crypto-currency miner across your salt provisioned boxes. It's only tested on Ubuntu and Debian, but I intend to extend it to Archlinux(there's a lovely aur package that does all the work). CurrentlyI'm mininganoncoinsas you have …

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