Command line calendars with Khal and fastmail

Posted on Tue 04 April 2017 in Linux

Recently I've been on a bit of a command line kick and I started using khal to render my calendar agenda locally.

All of the codebases used are python based so before I start I've created a virtualenv so as not to pollute my OS.

mkvirtualenv khal
workon khal

Vdirsyncer …

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Super simple folder backup one-liner

Posted on Fri 06 June 2014 in Linux • Tagged with backup, shell

I needed a simple cron job, that just took backups of my project folders, should the worst happen to my laptop. Google brought up nothing obvious, so I figured I'd share it here.

tar zcvf /tmp/snap.tgz ~/Projects && rsync /tmp/snap.tgz user@remotebox:/home/backups/snap_`date +%F_ …

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Thrashing your networks download with dispatch and axel

Posted on Thu 12 December 2013 in Linux • Tagged with networking, node, speed, linux

Say you need to grab a file as fast as possible and you also happen to have a few network connections knocking about. For example maybe a separate network for your wireless and ethernet. Maybe you have a phone with tethering or a 3g dongle. This little guide will get …

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Posted on Fri 13 September 2013 in Linux • Tagged with cli, linux, devops - A very nice visualization of command line args.

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Useful Linux apps you've probably never heard of

Posted on Thu 12 June 2008 in Linux • Tagged with networks, proxy, linux, apps


What corkscrew does is allow you to tunnel ssh connections over a http proxy very easily. As far as admins of the http proxy can see this is encrypted traffic which is most likely anssl connection to a web server(the server you have sshed to), you could in …

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