Solving boot2docker's fail to start error

Sat 07 February 2015


I'm putting this obvious solution up as I couldn't see it anywhere online.

If you try to start up boot2docker with boot2docker start and it returns.

error in run: Failed to start machine "boot2docker-vm": exit status 1

Before destroying everything and wiping your ~/Virtualbox VMs folder, try starting up Virtualbox and seeing if the vm simply hasn't been suspended due to an OSX suspend or shutdown.

1. Unpause the machine
2. Send a shutdown signal
3. Try boot2docker start again.

And that's it, hope it works for you.

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Fixing a broken vagrant box

Thu 17 October 2013


The first time this happened I went into a cold sweat. My box with all dev versions of my companies live databases had died. Of course I had the box provisioned with salt so configuration wasn't a problem, but grabbing all those databases, downloading, altering specific internal values and inserting …

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Archlinux Pacman Update Fix

Sun 25 August 2013

I'm writing this up as a quick solution to archlinux's dreaded pacman update problem.

If your run pacman -Syu and get:

:: package-query: requires pacman<4.1
error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)

If you have yaourt installed simply update package-query through it and update pacman normally.

yaourt …

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Screwed Server Checklist

Sat 28 April 2012

My servers started getting unusably slow at peak hours lately and I decided, midst panic to vaguely attempt to document the various things I had to go through to narrow down the problem, anyway I'm sticking them up here so a) I don't lose the list and b) it might …

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Simple git web interface

Sat 07 January 2012

I decided instead of springing for a monthly github payed account I'd install git on a server and use a decent web interface that could be easily installed.

So for this little guide I'm rocking ubuntu 10.04 with git and lighttpd already installed.

It was a Goldilocks search for …

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Very Simple EC2 Snapshot Management

Fri 01 April 2011

I've been pulling my hair out trying to get a handy ec2 snapshot backup/management working. My google results have ranged from broken libraries to using bash scripts to do one aspect and php scripts to do another, all of the solutions seem to have serious issues with regions.

Anyway …

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