DOMpdf failing to render certain accented characters

Thu 21 August 2014


I've noticed some issues with DOMpdf when trying to generate PDFs using their internal Helvetica font. After banging my head against a wall for a few hours trying to "fix" UTF-8 support, it turned out UTF-8 support was working fine. Essentially DOMpdf's internal Helvetica font didn't support a few polish …

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SugarCRM 7 - Custom subpanels

Wed 13 August 2014


This tutorial should hopefully help you to create a new subpanel under the Contacts module in Sugar using a custom link class and driven by SugarCRM 7's new SugarQuery API.

1. Create a new link class

This should go into custom/modules/<YourModule>/YourNewLink.php and this class will act …

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SugarCRM - Sugar powered by Salt!

Sat 02 August 2014

Even the logos are creepily similar.

SugarCRM can be a pain to setup, especially if you are managing many installs on different servers/environments. I'm a big fan of using salt to configure my servers. I rarely manage any servers directly anymore and generally run things through my salt master. This guide should hopefully get you …

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Log Queries with MySQL Proxy

Sat 19 July 2014


What is it?

Have you ever found yourself wanting live statistics of you mysql database, or a log of all the erroring queries. Well MySQL Proxy might be just what you're looking for. Taken from the site:

MySQL Proxy is a simple program that sits between your client and MySQL …

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